Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil

Cooking Techniques and Recipes with Olive Oil Ebook


Gold medal winner of the Global Ebook Award, this new cookbook teaches you how to use olive oil using various cooking techniques, from poaching to baking and everything in between. Includes recipes, tips & photos. Purchase the enhanced pdf-version here. Also available for the Kindle and Nook. Hardback 132-page cookbook available March 2014 for $26.95. To pre-order click here.


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Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil

How often do you come home from buying a beautiful bottle of extra virgin olive oil and wish you had more uses for it, other than a salad dressing or a dip for bread? How do you choose a great olive oil? Does the color of olive oil infer its quality? Not only does this wonderfully useful cookbook answer all of these questions surrounding extra virgin olive oil, but it also showcases tantalizing recipes featuring this liquid gold. Not just a collection of enticing recipes, you will also find a culinary textbook, teaching cooking techniques like poaching, braising, marinating and baking – all using olive oil.

Filled with dreamy photographs of azure blue waters of the Mediterranean and luscious meals accentuating fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Both the novice cook and the professional will be inspired to pour out some olive oil and create something beautiful in the kitchen. Gold medal winner of the Global Ebook Award, this e-cookbook is a fantastic resource for anyone who enjoys olive oil.

The photography is lush. The recipe directions are easy to understand and encouraging in their simplicity.  This is a delicious road map on your journey to incorporate healthy, delicious olive oil into your culinary repertoire.”

— Candy Wallace, Chef,  Author, Culinary Educator, Speaker, Founder and Executive Director of the American Personal & Private Chef Association

Written by Mary Platis, chef, food blogger (California Greek Girl), Greek olive oil representative for a major olive oil brand, and owns and operates The Greek Gourmet catering company. Also written and photographed by Laura Bashar, former graphic designer and advertising account executive and food blogger (Family Spice).

Purchase the enhanced digital pdf-version below. Also available for the Kindle and Nook. Hardback print book can be purchased here.

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Cooking Techniques With Olive Oil